CS is native coin on blockchain
  • Fully deсentralized
  • Fixed available supply 223,456,423 coins
  • Tradable on exchanges
  • Integrated in
CS USD Price
$ 0.0022063248
0.0000000342 BTC
0.0000006397 ETH
Market Cap
$ 0
Market Rank #4439
$ 27,101
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Innovative and Fast CS Coin

A fully decentralized open-source cryptocurrency based on a consensus built on the principles of BFT. The main feature is fast transactions with an average speed of 0.5 seconds. The unique consensus design instantly validates and verifies transactions by placing them in a block

New Consensus
Proof of Agreement (PoA) based on DPOS and BFT developed from scratch
Not minable
All 249,123,736 CS circulating supply 100% supply available
Stakings & Pools
Delegation function available
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Decentralized wallet
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About Crowdfunding ICO Read on GitHUB