High speed
A fast and fully decentralized blockchain platform with smart contracts for issuing tokens and automating fintech services
Extraordinary speed with full deсentralization
The first consensus that allows for scalability with the same level of security and decentralization. Processing tens of thousands transactions per second makes Credits blockchain one of the most promising solutions
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Credits coin (CS)

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Unique consensus
Proof of Agreement (on+BFT)
Fully public and decentralized system for decision making based on the choice of trusted nodes for the subsequent validation of transactions and saving a new block. Credits Proof of Agreement is the consensus mechanism with no single governing body, and to achieve consensus, trusted nodes with a stack size of more than 50k CS are selected. Transactions and blocks are validated simultaneously by 10-20+ nodes operating in the network (depending on the total number of nodes in the network).
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Innovations in every layer
Unique consensus and decision-making algorithm based on multiple validation and data processing with secure implementation solutions
Сryptography algorithms
0.1 sec per transaction
Blockchain node
Decentralized database
Unique Validation Mechanism

All transactions are validated by BFT trusted nodes in the following proportions selected in each round

  • 35 - 102 nodes - 9 trusted nodes
  • 103 - 302 nodes - 13 trusted nodes
  • 891 - 2624 nodes - 15 trusted nodes
  • 2625 - 7737 nodes - 17 trusted nodes

A unique feature of Credits blockchain is that the network and nodes can quickly validate transactions, participants and nodes scattered around the world at a speed of 20-100 milliseconds. As a result, it can carry out transactions at a speed of 0.1-1 seconds

An example of a block with 11 validating nodes See on Explorer

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